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How To Lose Water Weight Perfectly Without Hitch & Side Effects?

how to lose water weight
how to lose water weight for women and men, best tips

Water plays a vital role in our body. The importance of water can be assessed from the fact that water constitutes more than 70% of a human body. As we know excess of everything is bad, even this applies to the water in our body as well. Also known as Edema, it is basically the excess water retention which is a side-effect of persistent inflammation. However, excess water weight is not a severe health issue but still its ill-effects over our appearance cannot be ignored. This problem has been observed in women during pregnancy and luteal phase of menstrual cycle. Do you know how to lose water weight efficiently by moderating your day-to-day activities?  Other factor contributing water retention in our body includes toxin exposure, food intolerances, diseases like kidney failure and poor diet.

Here are the 5 best ways that can help you to lose those extra ounces on account of water weight without any side-effects:

how to lose water weight

Exercising is the prime answer on how to lose water weight

As the rigorous work outs tend you to sweat more, you can easily get rid of excess water in short term by exercising on regular basis. Varying with the factors like clothing, body and the level of activity, it has been observed that an exercise for 1 hour daily helps you to lose average fluid between 16-64 ounces. Lot of water also get shifted to your various muscles thus reducing the water levels outside the cells in our body. But it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water during your exercises and work-out and your body also needs more hydration. Add Sauna bath after your gym session that will not only rejuvenates your body but also help to lose more water in the form of sweat thus effectively

Enough of sleep will guide you on how to lose water weight

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Besides a regulated diet and good exercise regime, it is highly recommended to sleep well. While sleeping, your body flushes toxins out of your brain and act like a plumbing system. Moreover enough of sleep also maintains the hydration level of your body. Sympathetic renal nerve regulates the sodium and water balance which lies in our kidney. Hence sound sleep is pre-requisite to maintain the same.


Magnesium and Potassium are some of the minerals that plays a vital role in shedding excess water weight from your body. A shift in fluid balance occurs due to insufficient or high intake of electrolytes.  In order to enhance your water intake, you should proportional enhance your electrolyte intake as well. Remember, you also loose electrolytes in the course of sweating. So, if you are under humid conditions or involved in higher physical activity including your daily work-out, you need to boost up your electrolyte intake. Higher intake of salty foods (rich in electrolytes) coupled with low water intake may tend you gain more water weight.

Balance your salt intake

A diet with high processed food boost up the sodium levels in your body thus leading to higher water weight in your body. Hence, sodium plays a vital role on losing water weight by balancing your fluid. If you avoid extreme changes in salt intake, you can incredibly loose excess water weight. Too high or too levels promotes fluid retention while a balance sodium intake will guide you to lose water weight efficiently.

Avoid Stress to lose excess water weight

Your hormonal balance gets disturbs if you remain in prolonged stress. Antidiutetic hormones (ADH) that controls water balance within your body by directing kidneys on how much water required to be pumped back in body, gets affected adversely. Hence it is mandate to balance the cortisol and ADH at their normal levels by reducing your stress levels. A fair balance will help in reducing the excess water weight in your body.

These measures can help you in course, if water weight is the actual reason for your weight gain. It is highly advisable to seek medical attention in case the problem persists. It is very crucial to identify the cause and treat it accordingly.

Written by Reema Singhal

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