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Girls Body Parts Name in English which are Part of Reproductive System

girls body parts name in English

About Female Reproductive System

There are different body parts present in the female reproductive system. Each body part plays a significant role in the functioning of the body. All these elements together produce female sex hormones and the reproductive cycle. The body part of every individual has a different shape and is unique in its own way e.g. the vulva of every girl does not look the same. Following are the girls body parts name in English

Girls Body Parts Name in English which are Part of External Reproductive System


The first girls body parts name in English is breasts. It is an important component of the reproductive system because they provide breast milk if she has a baby. The breasts are a sensitive part and give pleasurable sexual feelings. Girls have sore tender breasts as they grow and develop. It is normal for the girls to have on puberty. Practicing Breast self-examination (BSE) throughout your life is important. BSE is also recommended by the health professionals to make sure your breasts are healthy.


Another girl’s body part name in English is labia. Labia are a Latin word meaning lips. Outer lips are thicker folds of skin which hide the rest o the vulva. Their name according to medicine is labia majora which mean big lips. They usually have pubic hair on them and can be long, short, large or small. When the girl gets turned on, they swell up and change color. Inside the outer lips, there is another set of sensitive lips that look like flower petals or wings. According to the medicine, they are called labia minora. Usually, they are pink in color but can also be from brown to black. Few girls have their inner lips sticking out between their outer lips. Inner lips can also be wrinkled or smooth.

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The clitoris is another girls body part name in English which is located where the inner labium meets towards the front of the body. The part which can be seen is the tip of clitoris while the rest is covered by the clitoral hood and extends inside the body. There are different shape and size of the clitoris in different woman. One interesting thing about clitoris is that the total size of clitoris including the internal and external parts is equal to the size of the penis. Clitoris is sensitive to touch and as well as pressure because of high concentration of nerve endings in it and its surrounding area. The purpose of the clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure.


Another girls body part name in English is hymen which is thin tissue that surrounds or partially covers the vagina. The opening in hymen is about the size of a finger. Menstrual comes out through this opening. The hymen may also breakdown when the female has sex for the first time. The hymen can also stretch as the part of growing during puberty or through masturbation. By examining anyone’s hymen, you cannot tell that they had sex.

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The girls body parts name in English outside the body is a vulva. The vulva includes the openings of vagina, inner and outer labia and clitoris. Mostly the whole area is called a vagina.


The girls body parts name in English which is connected with the bladder and through which urine comes out is urethra.


The anus is the opening of the rectum through which the body gets rid of the solid waste.

Girls  Body Parts Name in English which  are Parts of Internal Reproductive System


The vagina is a tube-shaped organ which passes from outside of the body to the uterus. The vagina is the way through which the menstrual blood exits and babies are delivered unless the woman has surgery to deliver the baby.


Uterus consists of two parts one is the cervix that opens into the vagina, and the other part is the main body of the uterus called corpus. During the menstrual cycle, the uterus sheds its lining of blood and also during pregnancy the fetus grows inside the uterus.


Cervix is located at the bottom of the uterus and consists of an opening through which menstrual blood exits the body through the vagina. The cervix dilates in order or the baby to be delivered during the vaginal birth.

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Ovaries take part in the production of ovum and as well as a hormone. Ovaries release an egg once in a month through the fallopian tubes into the uterus. This process is called ovulation.

Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes were named after a researcher who was the first to study this part of the women’s body. The female body consists of two of these tubes. Once in every month ovary releases an egg in one of these tubes where it is fertilized by the sperm. The egg moves down and attaches itself to the inside of uterus if it is fertilized. If this happens then, the women are said to be pregnant.

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