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Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tips and Workout

maureen mccormick weight loss

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is the dream of every person. Everybody wants to lose weight at any cost especially women. Here are some Maureen McCormick weight loss tips to lose weight.

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#1: Eating as a Way to Recharge Body

The first Maureen McCormick weight loss advice is to eat all the time. The human body is similar to a car and needs fuel to operate. Everyone should eat a minimum of 200 calories almost after every 2-3 hours. You must eat two breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner. The average timeline for this could be:

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  • Wake up at 6 AM
  • Take first breakfast at 7 AM
  • Take second breakfast at 10 AM
  • Take first lunch at 1 PM
  • Take second lunch at 4 PM
  • Eat the first dinner at 7 PM
  • Go to bed at 10 PM

Maureen McCormick Weight LossTip#2: Having Proper Sleep

maureen mccormick weight loss

The 2nd tip for Maureen McCormick Weight Loss is to have an adequate sleep.People should have an adequate sleep because an exhausted body longs for more calories throughout the day. Plan your sleeping times at the start of the week according to the time you want to wake up in the morning.

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#3: Filling Up

Filling up is another tip for Maureen McCormick weight loss. Start your day by eating food that is rich in fiber like pancakes, fiber waffles or bran muffins.

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#4: Start Hydrating

Drinking water is the fourth tip forMaureen McCormick weight loss. The first you should do before waking up is to drink water. Drink almost about 2 liters of waters before 4 PM.

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Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#5: Also eat sugary things

Eating sugar is also included in tips for Maureen McCormick weight loss. Processed-refined sugar acts as a drug for the human body. People are advised to opt for sugar cleanse. Also, make smart choices about having healthy sweeteners which have a good taste.

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#6: Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is the most important thing in losing weight. Replace your preserved or boxed with the healthy ones having a rich amount of nutrients. The preserved or packed food contain preservatives and lots of sodium which are dangerous for human body. Changing your diet will remove a layer of fat from the body within 3-5 days.

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Maureen McCormick Weight LossTip#7: Do not eat food while playing in Bed

Eat your while sitting on the counter or table with watching TV or using computer or smartphones. Neither eats your food while laying down in the bed or while driving your car. Teach your body and mind to enjoy the nutrients present in the food. So when you are eating food and not doing anything else, your body will tell you when it is full.

Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Tip#8: Eating Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the essential constitute of the human body, so it is necessary to eat carbs, but the refined wheat carbohydrates are the only problem. So there are whites as a substitute for wheat. To maintain the balanced use 50/50 2 week rule. Use 50% white & 50 % wheat just for two weeks for example if you have a turkey sandwich then use one slice of white and one slice of wheat. Thus your body will start to crave for what is right for it. If your body is sugar toxic, then it is necessary that you make 50/50 rule until your body starts craving healthy wheat products.

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Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Workouts

Week 1-4: Phase of Foundation Workout

Most of their trainers make their clients start workouts of very high intensity which the human by can not bear. This technique may show fast results, but customers may discontinue because of burnout or injury.  Therefore in the first few weeks, every trainer must make their customer start with cardio and foundation based workouts.

The foundation exercises are similar to core workouts.  These exercises help to strengthen the joints. If your muscles are not strong enough, then you must not do weighted exercise.The foundation exercises contribute to keep the heart rate up and create lean muscles throughout the body to burn the fat.

You can lose up to 2-6 lbs in your first two weeks if you follow the above nutrition guidelines and the foundation workout.

Cardio Circuit of 10 minutes each with four machines or moves

Everybody must try the following three days a week, swim one day a week doing a 10 minutes lap and walk for 90 minutes per day.

  1. Treadmill: Walk for about 2 minutes on the speed of 3.8 with five inclines without using hands and jog for about 5 minutes at the speed of 5 without an incline.
  2. Treadclimber: Hands and fingers must not be used and walk straight at level 3.0. More info about Maureen McCormick.

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