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My 600lb Life Where are They Now: Ways to Weight

My 600 lb Life Where are They Now

My 600 lb Life Where are They Now: Weight Loss By Exercises

My 600 lb Life Where are They Now

The easiest and convenient to lose weight is by doing exercises.There are many exercises to lose weight. After these exercises, you will be able to lose weight quickly and will say my 600 lb life where are they now


The plain jane forward lunge is a very useful exercise for weight loss because different muscles are involved in it for maximum calorie burn.

  • Stand straight With your feet hip-width apart. Place the hands on your hips or hold weights and take a step forward
  • Keep your spine still and lower your body in such a manner that your front leg and back leg form an angle of 90 degree
  • Take a pause and then bring your right leg back to starting position
  • Do the other side by stepping forward with your left leg
  • Repeat for ten times on each side and do a total of 3 sets

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This exercise mainly targets your chest, core, and legs simultaneously.

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulders width apart and arms at your sides. Push your hip back, bend your knees and lower down into a squat position.
  • Place your hands in front of you on the floor and shift your weight on your hands. Now jump back softly to land with your feet in plank position
  • Jump your feet forward so that your feet may land just outside of your hands. Reach your hands up and jump high in the air
  • Quickly lower your back again into squat position for the next rep. Repeat for about 8-12 times and complete three sets

Explosive Lunges

This exercise is a high-intensity workout which will make you sweat and torch major calories

  • Keep your feet together, place your hands on your hips and step forward with your right leg
  • Bend your leg to form an angle of 90 degrees. Jump and then switch your legs in midair and end with your left foot forward
  • By changing sides repeat lunges for 1 minute and complete three sets

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These exercises will surely help you to reduce your weight and say my 600 lb life where are they now.

My 600 lb Life Where are They Now: Weight Loss Naturally

Weight Loss Naturally

You can also lose weight using natural methods. By using natural means, you will definitely say my 600 lb life where are they now.

Addition of proteins in your diet

Protein is the primary nutrients for weight loss. A high protein diet is recommended to digest for losing weight. A diet high in proteins can boost up the metabolism up to 80-100 calories per day. A diet rich in proteins will make you feel more full and will reduce your appetite. Some researchers have shown that people eat over 400 lesser calories per day on a high-protein diet. Eating a high-protein diet like eggs will have a powerful effect.

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Eating Whole, Single Ingredient Food

Having your diet based on whole, single –ingredient food will make you healthier. This will help you to eliminate vast quantity of added sugar, fat and processed food. The majority of the whole foods contributes to keeping within the healthy calorie limit. Whole foods also provide our body with essential nutrients which are required the body for its proper functioning. Weight loss is a natural side effect of eating whole foods.

Avoiding Processed Food

Processed food usually contains a high amount of added sugar, fat and calories. Processed foods are made to make us eat more and more and may cause you t become addicted to eating this food.

Eating Healthy Food And Healthy Snacks

The food kept at home has a significant effect on your weight and eating habit. Availability of healthy food reduces the chances of eating unhealthy.  There are many healthy and natural snacks which can be quickly prepared for example whole fruit, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, carrots, and yogurt.

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Limit the Intake of Adding Sugar

Eating a large amount of adding sugar may cause various diseases like heart disease, cancer or type 2 diabetes. Every person on an average consumes about 15 teaspoons of added sugar per day. This quantity is mostly hidden in processed foods, so you consume much sugar without noticing. In the list of ingredients sugar goes by many names o it is hard to determine how much amount of sugar is present in the product. By minimizing the intake of added sugar, you can reduce your weight quickly and will surely say my 600 lb life where are they now.

Therefore using the given natural remedies to reduce weight you will say my 600 lb life where are they now.

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