Things to Know about Burning Vagina with no Discharge

burning vagina with no discharge

About Burning Vagina with no Discharge

Itching for female can be very embarrassing and distressful. This does not quickly go away by practicing only good feminine hygiene. The itching of the vagina is followed abnormal discharge that is common among the female. Issues that may lead to burning vagina with no discharge may have similar symptoms as of itching vagina with discharge. However, only some of the females face burning vagina with no discharge. Usually, the vaginal discharge has a nasty odor, but those who experience burning vagina with no discharge are mostly odorless.

Causes of Burning Vagina with no Discharge

Causes of Burning Vagina with no Discharge

Mostly burning of the vagina is followed by odorous, white, gray, greenish or yellowish discharge but in some cases, there is burning of vagina with no discharge. There could be several reasons for burning vagina with no discharge. Following are some of them:

Allergic Reaction

Few women may suffer from burning vagina with no discharge because of allergic reaction or contact dermatitis in the vaginal area. This allergic reaction may be due to contact with substances like soap. A red rash disappears once the use of this material is discontinued. Using these types of materials for a long time may cause severe itching and the appearance of blisters.

Fungal infection

A fungal infection called jock itch, a kind of ringworm around the vagina could be the cause of vagina burning with no discharge. There may be a skin rash and the areas affected may become red, peeling, bumpy and blister-like. There is a big difference between this fungal infection and yeast infection that is characterized by thick, white vaginal discharge.

Skin Condition

Skin conditions like psoriasis that causes dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin causing the red patches of skin to be covered with flaky white scales. This may affect the whole body including the genital area.


Burning sensation in the vagina can also be due to scabies. This condition occurs when mites can burrow under the skin. This burning sensation is even worse at night. This may result in a rash with tiny blisters or sores.

Parasitic Infections

Hairy part of the vulva is sometimes affected by the parasites like lice. Also, the parasites present in anus like threadworms mat migrate to vagina causing a burning sensation, especially at night. Lice and their eggs can be seen with the naked eye, but threadworms can also be seen with a microscope.

Vaginal Dystrophy

Vaginal dystrophy is due to deficiencies of vitamin A, B2, B12, iron and folic acid. This causes burning sensation. There may be white patches or plaques on the skin around the vagina due to skin changes.

Lichen Sclerosus

Women sometimes suffer from an uncommon skin condition called lichen sclerosis which can anywhere but mostly occurs in the genital and anal areas. It has an unknown cause but may be related to overactive immune system or lack of sex hormones.

Psychological Factors and Scratching

Sometimes vagina burning with no discharge may also be due to psychological factors. These psychological factors may include scratching. Constant scratching may cause skin changes which may result in inflammation and irritation.

Causes of vagina burning with no discharge can be identified by medical history, physical examination or various tests like a biopsy. For a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist.


There is no need for treatment for mild cases of burning vagina with no discharge, but a proper treatment is required if it is due to parasitic or fungal infections.

Medical Treatments

The unbearable burning sensation can be treated with medication. Doctors may recommend you a topical corticosteroid that you can apply daily to affected area. To completely get rid of this condition you may have to use it for several weeks.

If there are regular changes in your skin, you should go to your doctor. This might help you know whether you are suffering from severe health conditions like liver disease, diabetes, or an autoimmune disorder that require further treatment.

Home Remedies

Along with medical treatments, there are some home remedies to cure vagina burning with no discharge:

  • Avoid to scratching the infected area
  • Wear loose underwear in the morning and put it off at night
  • Do not wear tight fitting clothes
  • Do not use swimsuits or wet clothes
  • Avoid scented fabric softeners and laundry dryer sheets
  • Avoid sexual intercourse until it is cured
  • Use condoms during sexual intercourse to prevent STDs
  • For sensitive skin use mild conditioners and lotions
  • To combat vaginal dryness use vaginal moisturizer or water-based lubricant.
  • To avoid diaper rash regularly change infant girls’ diaper.

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