In 2014, we started this website with a vision to provide free and handy information to enable the users to fulfil their dream of losing weight safely. We have a wide range of information on our site from diet plans, sample diets, calorie charts, guidelines, tips and recipes to human anatomy, physiology and psychology. We take out important issues from these subjects and describe the whole process in very simple terms in order to highlight the importance of these subjects in the maintenance of healthy body weight.

The hypothetical knowledge can only be put into practical use through a motivation which can be generated through holistic approach. The knowledge gain through this, helps users to make better decision regarding their life styles and also assist them in achieving their goal of healthy and permanent weight loss.

Mr. Mohsin Ali founded this platform along with a skilled and enthusiast team of writers and health experts. Mr. Ali is a part of this industry for almost 20 years. He has a network of colleagues which are actively involved in research work related to health, weight loss, fitness and nutrition. The articles on this site are mostly the work of Dr. Ayesha Khan and other established healthcare professionals or bloggers and are essence of the opinions and understanding of Mr. Ali & his team of the field.

He describe his journey in following words:

“My obsession for health and fitness goes back to the age of 15. I was so fond of all types of exercise that if I was not doing it, I was reading about it. The knowledge brought confidence into me and with that I helped many friends and family in achieving their goal of weight loss and fitness with great success. This confidence and success boosted me and I took diplomas in fitness & nutrition, took honors degree in human nutrition & dietetics and gained experienced as an aerobics instructor. Since then I have never looked back and it’s been 20 years I am helping others reach success.”

This site provides general guidelines relating to health related issue and we do not entertain issues which are related to specific person. Anyone having any special issues should contact a doctor or a physician. Our information is not an alternate for visiting a doctor.

New Weight Loss Tips aim to provide free and useful information to healthy people so that they can easily and rapidly loss their weight with the help of our simple tips, natural diets and exercises. We share our researched and theoretical knowledge for practical use that might help our visitors to permanent loss weight. It is famous proverb that:

Health is Wealth

NeWeightLossTips.Com started with the aim of providing unique and new tips to our visitors. We try to updated our visitors about latest research in the fields of HEALTH. We will share with you our doctors friends research and advice. This website provide you information related to healthy life. We provide you information in the form of tips, tricks, exercises, diets plans, weight loss programs, recipes, juices and many more…