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Why Do You Have Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Is it Normal to Have Multiple Hairs in One Follicle?

The condition in which you have multiple hairs in one follicle is called pili multigemini. Having multiple hairs in one follicle is a very rare disorder. This occurs when more than one hair starts to grow in one follicle. Having multiple hairs in one follicle is similar to the flower stems in a vase. Researchers have stated that there are follicle present closely together separately and join at the base of the hair canal. Each of them produces one hair, but he or she come out of only a single follicle. People suffering from may suffer from folliculitis or inflammation of the hair canal. This is not a harmless condition unless folliculitis develops.

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Why having Multiple Hairs in one Follicle Happens?

Having multiple hairs in one follicle is a very rare disorder which happens when the tips of the hair papules separate into several shafts of hair. Mostly pili multigemini occurs in the beard hair of men or the scalp of kids. However, women have multiple hairs in one follicle primarily in their armpits and on their legs. There is one hair follicle as normal and a bulb at the base. As the hair keeps on growing the real hair bud splits. The hair which grows has separate cuticles though they come out of the hair canal as two. Usually, during normal hair growth, only one hair grows out of each follicle. The actual cause of this disorder is not yet found, but it is said that it is due to genetic factors. Researchers have suggested that this may occur due to re-growth of embryonic cells that were present before the birth. One of the causes of having multiple hairs in one follicle is inflammation in the scalp area that causes scarring.

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Treating Multiple Hairs in One Follicle Beard and Multiple Hairs in One Follicle Breast

Following are some of the methods you can use to treat multiple hairs in one follicle beard and multiple hairs in one follicle breast:


The first way to deal with multiple hairs in one follicle breast and multiple hairs in one follicle beard is to pluck out numerous cuticles that are growing together. An alternative to plucking is waxing in which a part of the hair is removed instead of removing the hair one by one.


The process of shaving is very helpful in reducing multiple hairs in one follicle beard and multiple hairs in one follicle breast and may also help to eliminate all the infections to the hair root. Still, this method is only a temporary one. Along being a treat, it may cause ingrown hair and may also cause multiple hairs in one follicle. 

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The most efficient way to eliminate multiple hairs in one follicle beard and multiple hairs in one follicle breast is electrolysis. In electrolysis person’s hair, roots are destroyed by chemicals or heat. To permanently make the follicles sleep electrolysis can be used. The only problem is that this is a very expensive method. This process ensures that no more hair cuticle grows back. If the condition is a bit worse, then opt for electrolysis. The portion of skin which undergoes this process becomes slightly red.


The process in which the hair follicles are removed completely by surgery is called cryosurgery. Though it is expensive still is a permanent source solution for this condition. You may undergo cryosurgery only if this condition is very worse and you fear that the hair cuticles may sprout in different other regions.

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If this condition is very common for your family, then there is very little that you can do because this disease is genetic and cannot be prevented. Still, you can avoid it by following methods:

  • Keeping the hair short: Keeping the hair short is very much important because it does not add excess much weight on the follicles. Having short hairs reduces the chances to have this condition.
  • Using gentle skin products: There are chances that lotion, conditioners, and some soap may irritate your skin which may lead to inflammations. There are chances that skin inflammation may cause this condition. Thus it is necessary to protect yourselves.
  • Cleaning with warm water: Cleaning with water may reduce the chances of blocking. Visiting sauna or steam room helps to lessen the blocking of pores which may help to minimize the likelihood of this condition because mostly blocking of pores causes this condition.
  • Avoid the sun: When you go to the sun then make sure to cover your head. Excess of sunlight may damage the hair follicles. Along with it, sweat may also be a cause of this condition.

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