What Does Conditioner Do?, and Other Important Things you Should know about Conditioner

What Does Conditioner Do

The Question you Should be aware Before knowing What Does Conditioner Do?

About Conditioners

Everyone should be aware of conditioners before knowing what does conditioner do. Hair conditioners are one of the hair care products that may change the appearance and texture of hair. Hair conditioner is a viscous liquid which is applied and massaged into the hair. To use hair conditioner first wash the hair with shampoo.Moisturizers, oils, and sunscreen are amongst some of the ingredients used to make hair conditioners.

History of Conditioners

It might also be useful for the people before they come to know what does conditioner do. People used natural oil as conditioners for about many centuries. During the late Victorian era, the most traditional conditioner amongst the men was Macassar Oil, but it was very greasy. People had to pin a small cloth called antimacassar to the chairs and sofas before using this oil. During the 20th century, the first modern conditioner was created when the perfumer  Edouard Pinaud presented a product which he called Brilliantine. Its purpose was to soften men’s hair, beard, and mustache. With the help o, Pinaud’s creation modern science advanced the conditioner industry to make conditioners with silicone, fatty alcohols, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

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Some Types of Conditioner

  1. Pack Conditioners: These conditioners are thick and dense containing a high amount of surfactants which have the ability of binding hair structure and gluing surface scales together. These are applied or an extended period. They are made of long and straight chains of aliphatic fatty acids. They have a tendency of crystallizing easily and making the conditioner more viscous also they form thick layers on the surface of the hair.
  2. Hold Conditioners: They keep the hair in the desired shape. They have similar composition and function as of diluted gels
  3. Ordinary Conditioners: They are mostly applied soon after using the shampoo.

Some Ingredients Used for Making Conditioners

Before people ask what does conditioner do they want to know that from what things are the conditioners made. Read more about Weight Loss.

  • Moisturizers: Hold moisture in the hair
  • Reconstructors: Penetrate and  strengthen the structure of hair
  • Acidifiers: Maintain the conditioner’s pH
  • Detanglers: Have the ability to modify hair surface by pH
  • Thermal Protectors: Protect the hair from excessive heat
  • Oils: Help to soften dry hair
  • Surfactants
  • Lubricants
  • Preservatives
  • Sunscreen: Protects against the degradation and color loss

What Does Conditioner do?

What Does Conditioner Do

The most important question which the most people ask is that what does conditioner do? The function of conditioner is to condition the hair follicles. Every hair fiber is covered by small cells which look like the scales of fish. Damage causes these levels to stand out making the hair dull, rough and out of condition. So the conditions help to smoothen these scales so that the hair may look smooth and shiny again.Smoother strand has less static upshot, and lesser split ends making hair easier to style. Shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle whereas the conditioner closes them and locks up the nutrients and eliminates the pollutants. As a result, this strengthens the hair shaft and prevents split ends, breakage of hair and even hair loss.

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How and When to Use the Conditioner?

Along with knowing what does conditioner do people should also know that when and how they should use the hair conditioner. Conditioner can be applied soon after shampooing and can also be implemented on its own. The general recommendation to use the conditioner is of 5 days a week but can be utilized daily. However, if your hair is fine and free from greasiness then use the conditioner occasionally. If your hair is thick, dry or damaged, then use the conditioner frequently and regularly.

Is Conditioner Shampoo’s Better Half?

People also ask the question this issue that is conditioner shampoos better half along with what does conditioner do. There is one common misconception among the people that you have to use any one of these, but the truth is that our hair needs both the shampoo and the conditioner. Try conditioning your hair on off days if you use shampoo three or four days a week. The conditioner is necessary after shampooing because of shampoo’s moisture stripping tendency. It is recommended to wean yourself off the latter so that you may need less of the former. If you are unable of having a two in one product in your bathroom, then pick a hair and body wash and keep your conditioner separate. Click here for awesome beauty tip.

Disadvantages of Conditioning

Disadvantages of Conditioning

  1. Your hair may feel dry even after conditioning.
  2. They contain harmful chemicals which could cause skin allergies.
  3. Over conditioning may make the hair more fragile.

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