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Detoxification for Weight Loss

Detoxification for Weight Loss

Weight loss always seems like such a difficult challenge but what if:

  • You can just detoxify your body from the toxins and hazardous chemicals to kick-start your metabolism?
  • Avail several other benefits such as maintenance of optimal health, prevention from metabolic disease, elimination of free radicals and reactive oxygen species to reduce cancer risk and control of existing health issuesDetoxification for Weight Loss

How toxins promote weight gain?

Research and clinical data indicates that accumulation of toxins and chemical irritants promote weight loss by a variety of mechanisms such as:

  • Deactivation or malfunctioning of enzymes that control biological functions, leading to weight gain
  • Unhealthy and abnormal cravings for certain foods that cause weight gain (such as sugars)
  • Most toxin promoting foods are composed of denatured proteins, processed carbohydrates and artificial ingredients that are fattening.
  • Toxins interfere with the digestion and metabolism of your dietary ingredients. Obviously the risk of increasing gut inflammatory conditions such as crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc. increases. In the presence of gut disorders, the nutrient absorption from your gut lining is generally sub-optimal, leading to malnutrition (especially deficiency of micro-nutrients that serves as co-factor or enzymes for metabolic or biological activities).

How can You Detoxify your Biological System?

Remove “The Dirty Dozen”

Always use healthy, fresh and organic ingredients in the preparation of your meal. Try to eliminate all the hormone disrupting chemicals from your dietary sources such as artificial additives, preservatives, hormone laden meat, polluted water sources, drugs and medications (to list a few). Instead prefer grass-fed meat, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh spring water and green environment.Detoxification for Weight Loss

Maintain a Healthy Liver

Liver is the largest gland of the body. It perform many functions such as metabolism, hormonal control, production of enzymes, storage of vitamins and thermoregulation etc. As the chief function of the liver is the metabolism of the food with the help of hormones and enzymes that are secreted in response to the biological stimuli. Liver is also responsible for the elimination of all the unwanted products, such as hormones, exogenously consumed drugs, medications etc. that are no longer required by the body.  Ultimately taking care of the liver will give normal hormonal levels. For his purpose fresh green vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, and cabbage are advised to be added in your daily diet.

Use of Liver Supporting Herbs

As discussed in the above point that liver serves as a metabolic factory of your body and it performs the function of metabolism throughout the life. For maintaining a healthy liver it is highly recommended to incorporate herbs and natural ingredients that support liver function. Use of milk thistle seeds, dandelion root and burdock root are considered as effective in boosting up the liver. Some precautions must be taken while using these herbs, as these herbs may cross-react with certain pharmacological preparation or even other herbs to cause more harm than any good. Obviously seeking the help of a doctor can save you a lot of trouble.Fruits

Eliminate Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are the naturally occurring chemicals that mimics the action of organically produced hormones such as estrogens. These compounds are found in plants. A misconception is found regarding these hormones but taking them with in a limited amount will only provide you benefit otherwise excess intake of all the things will give a harmful impact. Plants such as Soy and strawberries are rich with phytoestrogens and are advised to be added in your daily diet routine to fulfill the need of estrogen.

All these points that are discussed above are much simple than taking prescribed medicines. They are some simple techniques to balance your hormonal system and increase the quality of life. In case of any harmful or adverse effect (such as intake of larger amount of dose of herbs) consult to your physician immediately and don’t try to resolve that issue on your own.

Other helpful tips include:

  • Limit the intake of alcohol or alcoholic beverages (such as beer, rum, wine) to minimize the production of toxins.
  • Eliminate the caffeinated beverages during the detox period.
  • Quit smoking to limit the entry of carcinogens in your system
  • Consider taking detox baths and detox wraps to enhance the excretion of toxins.
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Written by Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is a medical doctor who holds a strong passion for health, nutrition and wellness. She has published research papers in scientific journals and has written for health sections of other publications as well. Ayesha typically covers science and research-related advancements in the field of weight loss and fitness.

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