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Are you aware that obesity alone increases the healthcare cost by 6 to 45% in over-weight individuals relative to the normal weight subjects? According to new study reported in Britishslim fast food Medical Journal (1), investigators reported that the annual healthcare cost associated with the obesity in North America is over $80 billion. A lot of individuals strive really hard to lose weight by dieting or calorie restriction, but is it a functional solution?

Losing weight means adjusting all of the nutrients in the right amount in your daily routine. Replacement of fatty and calorie-rich meals with Slim-Fast products helps you lose pounds and look slimmer. Also, by preparing a meal of 500 calorie every day, you can adjust small part of your favorite food that would not exceed the required amount of calories.

How effective is the Slim-Fast Diet?

These slim-fast products can help you lose weight up to 20 pounds within 10 weeks, given that three snacks of 500-calories each should be consumed every day. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Half of a 8-9 inches long banana, an apple, a stewed peach or a slim-fast snack bar
  2. A couple of slim-fast meal bars
  3. Pesto, asparagus and potato salad, or a cottage pie
  4. Or any other 500 calorie meal of your choice

Here are some added benefits that can also be achieved if you consume slim- fast diet:

As a result of weight loss, Slim-Fast diet also help in controlling insulin and blood sugar levels without increasing the risk of any side effects to your health.

Some people prefer to continue with their Slim-Fast meal even after losing weight, which helps them maintain their slim physique.fast-diet1

How does it work?

Fat:  Studies indicate that around 20 – 35 % of the calories gained by our body come through the intake of fat. Only 30% of calories are provided by Slim-Fast products.

Protein: 20% of calories are provided by the protein rich Slim-Fast products.

Carbohydrates: 45-65% of calories are supplied by carbohydrates, whereas only 50% is provided by Slim-Fast products.

Salt: According to the government’s health department, 2300 mgs of sodium is required for people aging 51 and above; suffering from diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, a good 1500 milligrams becomes an appropriate need.

Slim-fast products provide 55 to 325 mg of sodium each serving. 560 mg of sodium can be acquired by the three slim-fast products.

Other essential nutrients:

  • Fiber: 25-35 g
  • Potassium: 140-600 mg
  • Calcium: The shake consists of 500 mg of calcium, whereas a bar contains 300 mg
  • Vitamin B 12: Slim-fast shakes provide a daily amount of the suggested 35 percent , while the meal bars have 20 percent Vitamin B-12.
  • Vitamin D: The suggested 35 percent of vitamin D is provided by slim-fast shakes, while the snack bars consist of 20 percent Vitamin D.

Other Key Benefits

Other features of Slim-fast products involve the convenience of grabbing the productsSlim-Fast-Shakes because of the company’s online service. One important benefit of using Slim-Fast products is their features of making one feel full for up to 4 hours resulting in less intake of food.

The most interesting part is that the meal bars come with so many vital features and still manages to provide you with several delicious flavors such as chocolate mint, chocolate cookie dough, fudge brownie, fruit and yogurt trail mix, whereas the shakes come with 4 varieties of tastes.

Its cost

A pack that contains 24 pieces of shakes comes about $35, whereas meal bars in similar quantity sells for around $17. These can be found in grocery stores, or can be bought online at places like Drugstore & Amazon.


Here is a little word of caution:

  • If you choose a fad diet (a trendy diet that is untraditional), it is highly recommended to seek approval from your healthcare provider.
  • Keep up with your regular physical assessment by a registered care provider to minimize the risk of hazardous events.
  • Do not continue these Fad diets for more than 4 weeks in a row.
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Written by Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is a medical doctor who holds a strong passion for health, nutrition and wellness. She has published research papers in scientific journals and has written for health sections of other publications as well. Ayesha typically covers science and research-related advancements in the field of weight loss and fitness.

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