Super foods That Help You Lose Weight

Superfoods to enhance metabolism

Isn’t it a blessing to know some foods that can cause weight loss instead of weight gain? It is definitely something to cherish by people who are troubled with their weight related issues. Super foods are classified as superior class of dietary nutrients that serves as the powerhouse of macro as well as micronutrients (such as ample quantities of minerals, vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants) that can kick start your metabolism while serving numerous other health benefits.Superfoods to enhance metabolism

Higher consumption of super foods has been statistically proven to enhance:

  • Bone remodeling processes leading to stronger bones
  • Improvement in the vision and eyesight
  • Moderate reduction in the risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Higher chances of living a functional and healthy life

One interesting benefit of maintaining optimal intake of super foods is that based on the data, people who eat more of super foods are clinically healthier as well as THINNER than those who eat less of it.

Some great super foods that you must give a try

Here is a list of some great superfoods that you must consume to enhance natural and effort-free weight loss:Great superfoods for weight loss

Black beans

Intake of proteins is a must, but what usually come along with it is, fats. 15 grams of black beans are rich in protein just like red meat but the difference is that no saturated fats are found in black beans, keeping you healthy.


Other requirement for healthy food is fiber which is present in oats. Dietary fiber makes you feel full for longer. A half cup of oats contains 4.6 grams of resistant starch. It is a carb that burns fat and boosts up your metabolism.


Eating the right fats isn’t harmful for your health. Monounsaturated fat, like oleic acid present in avocados is utilized as a slow burning energy source. Avocados help you reduce hunger by improving nutrient absorption.


Salmon, a source of lean protein that fits well in your diet plan. It is also rich in monounsaturated fat (MUFA) and contains fewer calories. Replacement of red meat with salmon is a good idea which will eventually help you lose fat.


These tiny berries contain fiber, minerals and antioxidants. Help lower cholesterol and also make you feel full with 4 grams of fiber.


With the benefit of cancer prevention, weight issues can also be solved with this vegetable containing fiber. Broccoli contains only 30 calories per serving and fits your diet plan.

Brown Rice

Having brown rice in your diet rather than white rice is heartier and healthier. A half cup of brown rice contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch that helps in burning fats. It is low in calories while being heavy and stomach filling.


A good amount of satiating protein and fiber is found in lentils.3.4 grams of resistant starch is contained in half cup of lentils, resulting in burning of fat and boost of metabolism.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans also called red beans are a good source of protein and fiber. It is also rich in resistant starch, a carb helping in burning of fats. Half cup of red beans contains about 2 grams of resistant starch. Less fat, slimmer you!

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Written by Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is a medical doctor who holds a strong passion for health, nutrition and wellness. She has published research papers in scientific journals and has written for health sections of other publications as well. Ayesha typically covers science and research-related advancements in the field of weight loss and fitness.

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