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How Much Water To Drink To Lose Weight | Best Water Diet Plan

how much water to drink to lose weight

When you set a goal to lose weight in a considerable time, water plays a vital role to achieve the same. From suppressing appetite to enhancing metabolism, water plays an incredible role to lose weight. It is always recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also renders important nutrients to body. Now the question arises, how much water to drink to lose weight without any side-effects? For that matter, we need to understand the concept of ‘water diet’ and how it is effective to lose weight?

How much water to drink to lose weight according to water diet?

how much water to drink to lose weight

If you drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day, you shall be covered under the water-diet. It is one of the best ways to lose weight with no side effects. You will not just lose weight but also benefited with the diuretic effects as improved blood circulation and higher metabolism. If you drink water equivalent to 4% of your body weight, the weight loss shall be more effective. It is recommended to drink water at the room temperature under water diet. Your consumption should be throughout the day. Don’t try to do all in one go. Instead increase your intake gradually to get desired results.

How much water to drink to lose weight at specific time?

  • 200 ml of water shall be consumed after waking up early morning.
  • Prior each meal, take 200 ml of water.
  • Spread your daily intake of 2 litres evenly throughout the day.
  • Avoid higher water intake in one go as it may bloat your stomach and will make you feel uneasy.
  • Even drinking patterns helps you lose weight more readily.

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Significant effects of Hard water to lose weight

Basic difference between hard water and soft water is of presence of minerals in them. While hard water contains more mineral contents, it is more filling. Hence, if you consume hard water under your diet plan, you shall be able to curb your overeating syndrome more effectively. Generally tap water observes presence of more chlorine which should be avoided for water diet.

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However, you should also consider that the water that you choose to drink should be right for you. As diet plan suggests you to opt for mineral rich water but as you drinking lots of water under the plan, you should also be sure of the quality of water you consume. Hence no doubt hard water is preferable in context to lose weight under water diet plan but subject to the health considerations.

Keep an eye your sodium intake to lose weight

In the course of water diet plan, you may experience low sodium content in blood. Also known as hyponatremia, it is water poisoning that will push you to add more salt to your food. You should restrict your daily sodium intake between 6 grams to 10 grams each day. But in course of hot summer months and excessive workouts, you tend to sweat more. And the excessive sweating also contributed to the loss of salt from your body. Hence you should intake enough salt to maintain the electrolyte balance in your body.

The only ill-effect that a water diet plan bears is several trips to rest rooms. But this can be managed well as long as you are tend to lose weight considerable without much altering your food.

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