How to French Braid Your Own Hair: Various Ways and Methods

How to French Braid Your Own Hair

How to French Braid Your Own Hair: About French Braid

Before knowing how to French braid your own hair you must also know about French braid.

About French Braid

French braid is a classy ad beautiful hairstyle. Its intricate weave may appear complicated, but it is very easy to create. The secret for making French braid is to add a strand of each hair to each section before braiding it. Once you have mastered the basics, then you can try a French lace for a fancy look.

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History of French Braid

French braid was first introduced in North Africa evidenced by the rock art of the Algerian Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range. It is also shown in art pieces from the periods of early Greek and Sung dynasty. The French used to call this hairstyle “tresse francaise.”


There are different variations of this hairstyle which include:

  1. Dutch Braid: is created when the three hair sections are crossed under each other. The braid looks standing from the rest of the hair
  2. Fishtail Braid: It resembles the French braid, but in it, the hair divides into two sections instead of three.
  3. Cornrows: Multiple separate, small and parallel French braids

How to French Braid Your Own Hair Method 1

How to French Braid Your Own Hair

The first method for how to make your own French braid is to create a classic French braid. Following are the ways to create a classic French braid:

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  • Preparing your hair: Before starting to braid, brush your hair to remove all tangles in the hair and make your hair soft, smooth and ready to weave. Brush your hair backward away from your forehead for a single braid going the back of your head. If you want to braid on the side of your head or you want to make more than one braids, then you have to brush your hair sections. It is recommended to braid your hair when it is wet because it may give you some soft and beautiful waves.
  • Making sections in your hair: For starting the process take a big chunk of hair from the top-center of your head. In this section, all the hair should come from same hair row. Don’t grab the strands from higher up or lower down. The part you start has nothing to do with how big you will be. Even if you start with a small section, then the braid will grow thicker and thicker as you add more hair.
  • Separating the chunk into three pieces: Three parts of are required to create the pattern of the French braid. For creating three sections run your fingers through the piece you are holding. Make sure that the each of the three parts is equal in size.
  • Begin in a traditional braid: First correctly position your hand. Hold two of the three strands in one hand and the remaining one in the other hand. Start in a traditional by crossing right strand over to the center. Similarly, cross the left strand. Repeat the step till you have made some rows of traditional braid.
  • Bring in new hair: Keep on going with the traditional braid pattern but also start including some other pieces of hair. Before you start crossing a section a section grab some hair from your head’s side and include it in the cross. For best looking French braid mostly grab hair near your face or neck.
  • Bringing in all the hair into the braid: As you keep on going braiding a time will come when all of your free hair is used in the braid.
  • Completing your braid: When all of your hair are included in the braid the finish it off as a traditional braid. Once you have reached the end of your strands then secure the braid with a ponytail. It is recommended not to use rubber bands because they break the hair.

How to French Braid Your Own Hair Method 2

Creating a French lace braid is the second step for how to French braid your own hair. Following are the steps to create a French lace braid.

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  • Preparing your hair: Similar to the basic French braid remove out the tangles so that your hair becomes smooth. French lace braids can be created on either one or both the sides. Depending on the look you want to use either the center or the side part.
  • Beginning with a small section: Take a piece of hair from any one side. In French lace braid, the thickness of the braid depends upon the size of the part. Therefore for a thicker grab, a larger section and a thin braid take a smaller piece. It should be one inch thick.
  • Splitting the section into three: Like the basic French braid divide the initial section into three equal pieces. Instead of pulling these pieces backward angle these downward to frame your face.
  • Initiate braiding: Like the basic French braid starts French lace braid in a traditional braid by crossing right strand over to center and then left strand over to the center.
  • Bring in new hair: Unlike basic French braid, you have to add hair only from the one side in French lace braid. The new hair should come from the same side of the braid.
  • Continue to braid around your head: As you further keep on going with your braid, it will start to create a crown around your head. It is up to you that you either your ear or under it. For making a single braid wrap it all the way around your head, and you will run out of hair near the ear on the other side of your head. For making two braids discontinue braiding when you reach the nape of your head. Tie the first braid with an elastic and repeat the entire process on the side of the head for creating a second braid.
  • Concluding the braid: Soon you will run out of free hair to work into the braid. On this stage keep on working with the traditional until you reach the end of the strand. Tie the hair with elastic to secure your French lace braid.

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