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How to Make Yourself Die in Your Sleep: Different Ways to Die in Sleep

How to Make Yourself Die in Your Sleep

How to Make Yourself Die in Your Sleep: Why People Want to Die?

Before getting to know about how to make yourself die in Your sleep painlessly, you should be aware of why people want to commit suicide. Following are three major reasons why people commit suicide

  • Depression: The most important reason why people commit suicide is depression. Severe depression is caused by any suffering and escaping it is very hopeless. The situation of stress or depression wraps up their mind, and they start thinking that without them everyone will be living good. Most people suffer from it silently and keep on planning about suicide without letting anyone know about it.  
  • Psychosis: The effects of psychosis are more tragic and are difficult to cure as compared to depression. About 1% people in the whole world have schizophrenia and mainly affects healthy, individuals. sPeople who have schizophrenia talk freely about the thoughts of suicide. Psychosis is also treatable. Untreated psychosis requires hospital admission where the person is locked in a ward until the voices lose the dominant power.
  • Impulsiveness: The people become addicted to drugs and alcohol eventually tries to take their lives. When they are calmed or become sober, they feel ashamed. They will commit suicide or not is unpredictable. They may try it the next time if they are again drunk. The hospital admission is not usually indicated.

How to Make Yourself Die in Your Sleep: Different Ways to Suicide

How to Make Yourself Die in Sleep

There are several different ways for how to make yourself die in Your sleep. Following are some of them:

Terminal Sedation

Terminal Sedation

The modern medical care develops a new way. To make the person unconscious for the duration of dying process is now legal, possible and ethical. It is mostly appropriate when the person has uncontrollable sufferings. The person dies in the medical care either in the hospital, nursing home or his house. Everybody knows that the person is dying. Drugs are given to the person to make him remain permanently unconscious. Providing of food by any means is also discontinued. Terminal sedation is a life ending process.

Using Carbon Monoxide

Using Carbon Monoxide

Using Carbon Monoxide is the best way for how to make yourself die in Your sleep but is also uncomfortable. First, a tightening sensation is felt in the forehead as you become lightheaded. You will become confused and will experience headaches, vertigo, and vomiting. Soon you will not be able to move your muscles and will be lead to a very painful death. CO is very toxic when taken in high concentration. CO is tasteless and odorless. It will cause a quick unconsciousness which will lead you to a peaceful and painless death.

Taking Sleeping Pills

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how many sleeping pills does it take to die

By taking sleeping pills overdose, you can die, but it is not sure that you may die peacefully. This one of the best ways to die painlessly in sleep. Sleeping pills may make you die forever, but you have to make sure that you are taking enough quantity of sleeping pills to kill yourself. Sleeping pills which include benzodiazepines, non-benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and sedative antihistamines increase the risk of dying even when you take them irregularly. Sleeping pills also increase the risks of depression which causes insomnia. If you do not die even after taking an excessive amount of sleeping pills, then there are chances that you may have cancer which may make your life more disturbing. We are also providing latest weight loss tip.

How to Make Yourself Die in Your Sleep:  Reasons Why You Should Not Suicide?

Along with knowing how to make yourself die in Your sleep you should also know about the following reasoning for not committing suicide

  • You have to fulfill your dreams
  • There is no one to replace you
  • There are so many things to which you can live
  • The whole world needs you
  • Committing suicide will never solve your problems but will only make it worse for the people whom you are leaving behind
  • Will you just throw away your entire future just because you are temporarily down?
  • You do not have any rights to take away your life
  • It is not you who is struggling there are several more people too
  • You are worth more than that you are thinking
  • Tomorrow is another, and you must be there to see it
  • There are many positive things you should think about
  • You are destined for greatness
  • You have a part to play in everyone’s life
  • Many things can happen. Good things. Positive things
  • You must think about those who love you

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