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How to Delay Your Period Naturally or Artificially

How to Delay Your Period

Thing to Know About Menstruation Before Knowing How  to Delay your Period

How to Delay Your Period

Before knowing how to delay your period, you must know about menstruation.

About Menstruation

Menstruation is a natural process experienced by every lady of ages 12-50 years every month. The process of menstruation brings out feminity in every female making them different from the men. Every woman faces a different type of sensation, pain or other problem during their cycle.

Women presently having their periods are restricted from going to religious places. Thus they come across very stressful situations sometimes where they wish to avoid their periods or delay them by the mean of natural remedies, so they mostly read these types of articles or ask doctors about how to delay your period.

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Why Women Want to Know About How to Delay Your Period Naturally

Every lady comes across some situations where having periods becomes desperate for them. Due to this reason, women use various medications to delay their period, but these drugs have a harmful effect on the reproductive organs and may damage them. Therefore every woman wants to know about how to delay your period naturally so that they can delay their period without harming their reproductive system. Many people think that it is not good for health to delay your periods. However, it can be sometimes healthy. Delaying your periods resembles rebooting your mobile phone.

Reason Why Women Delay Periods

There are many reasons due to which women want to delay their periods.

  1. Women having menstrual cycle are not allowed on religious occasions.
  2. Having periods during their wedding may cause problems in performing the marriage rituals.
  3. They have a bad stomach pain during their periods
  4. They may feel depressed when undergoing their periods
  5. They are unable to go around or move

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Ways to Delay periods

There are two ways for how to delay your period

  1. Artificial Method
  2. Natural Method

Adapting synthetic methods might not be safe to delay your periods. Therefore, natural methods for delaying periods must be adopted rather than using synthetic methods.

How to Delay Your Period Naturally

Reason Why Women Delay Periods

Following are some of the ways for how to delay your period naturally:

  • Avoiding Spicy Food: Eating spicy food increases the rate of blood flow and also starts the menstrual cycle. So it is necessary to prevent all types of spicy food if you wish to postpone your periodic cycle. The spicy foods include chilies, garlic, and black pepper.
  • Herbs: First dry the herbs like yellow tinctures or shepherd’s purse and then grind them to make powder. Use the powder to make a fluid and drink it to delay your period. The herb shepherd’s purse is used to prevent excessive blood flow during hemorrhages and to delay bleeding during periods. The herb yarrow is given to the people who are suffering from piles, but now it can be used to delay periods.
  • Gram Lentils: These can also be-be used for how to delay your period. Make a soup using gram lentils and for delaying your periods consume the soup on a daily basis till the time you want to restrict your periods. To make the soup first fry the gram lentils until they become soft and then grind them to get the powder. Now use the powder to make the soup.
  • Drinking Water: This is also an essential thing for how to delay your period. Many ladies avoid drinking water which is a very wrong approach. Therefore drinking less amount of water may cause different health problems and may also cause complications in the menstrual cycle. To get your periods normal and lighter then you should drink water on a regular basis is a must.
  • Controlling Stress: The primary cause of different health problems is stress. Stress is also a leading cause for having periods before your date. The most efficient way to control stress is to take a breath and then releasing it slowly by closing your eyes. Having control over your stress may help to delay the periodic cycle.

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How to Delay Your Period Using Pills or Artificial Method

Synthetic methods or medicines can also be used to delay the periodic cycle, but it may harm the organs. Following are some of the pills or artificial methods to delay the periods:

  • Primolut N or Norethisterone: These medicines contain the same ingredient called norethisterone and are used to delay the menstrual cycle. But not every woman is prone to these drugs. These medications are given to the women over the age of 16.
  • Other Methods: Other synthetic methods to delay your periods is a progestin-releasing intrauterine device (IUD), progestin injection (Depo-Provera), and NuvaRing. The best way to delay your periodic cycle is Mirena IUD. Let grab more New weight loss tips.



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