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    1500 Calorie Weight Loss Plan


    1500 Calorie Weight Loss Plan – Believe it or not, weight loss is not an art. It is a science of maintaining a balance between your calorie consumption and calorie expenditure. Latest research indicates that natural weight loss can be achieved if you consume only 500 calories less each day (or alternatively, figure out a way […]

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    Natural Herbs for Rapid Weight Loss

    Natural Herbs for Rapid Weight Loss – We all want to lose tons of weight without having to exert much of the effort but is it possible? Indeed it is, but only if you are looking to lose a couple of pounds. According to a new study reported in the peer reviewed the International Journal of […]

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    How to Lose Weight Fast as Possible

    7 Weight Loss Tips for Noon

    How to Lose Weight Fast as Possible – weight gain and obesity are considered as the most troubling metabolic disorders across the world. Due to disabling effects of obesity and high risk of physical and psycho-social complications, healthcare providers and investigators have developed several formulations and extreme weight loss products to enhance natural weight loss. […]

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    Weight Loss Surgeries : Advantages & Disadvantages

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Types of Weight Loss Surgeries Adjustable Gastric Banding It is a variant of restrictive type of weight loss surgery. The surgeon inserts an inflatable band around the stomach compressing it into two sections; upper portion is smaller and the lower portion is larger. The two portions are interconnected by a small opening causing slow emptying […]

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    Alternative Weight Loss Therapies


    We as human beings are similar in many respects, such as in terms of anatomy, physiology and biochemical composition. Yet when it comes to intricate human characteristics (such as metabolism, digestion, weight management or calorie expenditure etc.), every human body works differently. It is logical to assume that most of the physical characteristics are determined […]

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    Ayurveda and Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

    Ayurveda Spices

    Are you aware that more than 1 billion individuals are over-weight or obese globally? According to the statistics reported in 1995 (by US Food and Drug Administration), more than $30 billion are spend each year in the weight management products or weight loss programs. Surprisingly, in only a small period of 2 decades, the market […]

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    Why do you Need Alternative Therapies for Weight Loss

    Stress and Hormonal imbalance

    Unsuccessful weight loss is a dilemma that many people face today. According to the data reported by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more than one-third of the entire US population is obese (1); but fortunately the rate is declining slowly and steadily. For example, according to the new report released by Wall Street Journal (2), […]

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    Flexitarian Diet

    Flexitarian Diet

    The aim of this balanced diet is to maintain easy weight loss without compromising the normal metabolic processes According to the founders and practitioners of this diet, people who strictly adopt Flexitarian diet are 15% less heavy than normal individuals and are also at minimal risk of getting debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or […]

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    11 Foods That Crush Cravings


    There are certain foods that have a property of being hydrophilic. This term mean (hydro) water (philia) loving. It means that they are filled with water and the one who consumes it feel heavy and full. But if you are aiming at reducing your weight then along with these foods you need to eat fibers […]