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    Super foods That Help You Lose Weight

    Superfoods to enhance metabolism

    Isn’t it a blessing to know some foods that can cause weight loss instead of weight gain? It is definitely something to cherish by people who are troubled with their weight related issues. Super foods are classified as superior class of dietary nutrients that serves as the powerhouse of macro as well as micronutrients (such […]

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    Cayenne pepper (Capsicum) for Weight Loss

    Cayenne pepper (capsicum) for weight loss

    Most of us are always looking for great weight loss supplements so that basal rate of metabolism can be increased and weight loss can be accomplished with minimal effort. How about I tell you about a great ingredient that can impart an excellent flavor to your food without causing weight gain? Based on latest research, […]

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    Top 3 Weight Loss Tips by Dr. Oz

    DR.oz tips

    Do you feel embarrassed of your physical appearance while sitting in the company of your dear friends? Do you think you are gaining more and more weight despite keeping traditional diet? Do you feel the need of being a little more fitness conscious? All these are real problems that are faced by most of us […]

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    How to Speed Up Your Metabolism in 10 Easy Steps


    You must have observed that we all have different preferences for food and dietary nutrients. But there are a few interesting facts: Some of us gets hungry more readily than others. In simple words, even after a regular meal consumption, some of us wants food more periodically. The speed and pace of digestion, assimilation and […]

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    Quick Weight Loss Tips


    Have you recently gained a lot of weight? Are you tired of listening to the fat reduction advises of your colleagues and friends? Do you feel yourself more exhausted than you should be? If the answer to above questions is a Yes- you seriously need to revise your daily goals. Weight loss may be something […]

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    Natural Remedies to Lose Weight

    Natural Remedies to Lose Weight

    Obesity is definitely a huge problem and with all the hype that is there in the news, media and other portals, almost everyone is striving hard to lose weight and achieve a size zero. But is it really healthy or recommended? Extensive research analysis suggests that any type of metabolic issue (whether obesity or malnutrition) […]

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    Green Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

    Diets plans

    Weight loss remedies are the biggest and perhaps the hottest trend these days. Yet, as much as we all wants to lose weight, it is still not clear what weight loss solutions are more effective and safest in the long term. You must have heard about green smoothie diet, which is the new fad. There […]

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    Home Based Exercises for Effective Weight Loss

    Obesity is on the rise and according to the latest estimates presented by World Health Organization (1), the global prevalence of obesity is as high as 62% in some developed countries of the world like United States. Likewise, contrary to the general perception, obesity is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in some low-socioeconomic countries of the […]

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    7-Day Diet Plan To Get Lean Muscles And Healthy Body

    WeightLoss by grapes

    Are you aware that more than 22% of all the anabolic steroid users are under the age of 20 years? This conclusion has been drawn from a new research that was published in the peer-reviewed American Journal on Addictions (1). The study also suggested that more than 1 million users in United States experience the […]

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