6 Weird Reasons You Are Gaining Weight

Weight Gain
  • Finding out that the pant that used to fit on your waist is now simply too tight  OR
  • The weighing machine is showing some crazy changes in your body weight   OR
  • A comment by your friend about your full cheeks

These are simple warning signs that suggest an ongoing metabolic derangement that should be corrected as early as possible. However, before adopting serious interventive strategies, it is imperative to understand that weight gain can be due to many reasons; starting from hormonal imbalance in body to adverse effects of some medications. There are certain factors that enables you to gain more weight.Weight Gain

1. Depression

If you are depressed and consuming anti-depressants then you are likely to gain weight easily. Additionally, if you are not consuming any type of anti-depressant or psychotic medications, but suffering from depression or mood disorders, then also you are likely to gain weight. Because researches have proved that people who are depressed usually consume diet with heavy calories to calm or comfort themselves. Also depressed people are usually not actively engaged in physical activities.

How to fix it: Speak to your doctor regarding dose modification or switching to medications that are not associated with weight or metabolism changes. If pharmacological modification doesn’t help, find some associates or friends who can accompany you to social and physical activities (such as gym training or exercise. This may help improve both your weight issues as well as depression.

2. You are Taking Wrong Prescription

If you are using different pills for any specific disease like for blood pressure, heart disease, birth control pills, steroids etc. you will notice that you are slowly putting on weight. These pills either increase your hunger, or may alter your metabolism or will just make you feel relax and you will put on weight again.

How to fix it:  Consult your doctor he might have other drugs that can cure your disease without affecting your total body weight.

3. Digestive Problems

Some people have issues regarding digestion. Their body is weak or slow at digesting food that also accounts for more weight. Like there might be a problem in intestinal movements, or medications, or low fibers, or absence of good bacteria in your intestine to digest food.

How to fix it: if you are suffering from gut motility issues (characterized by feeling of heaviness in chest after meals, appetite changes and constipation), than you can use probiotics to help you. And another most important factor is drink water in adequate quantity and use high quality dietary or over-the-counter supplements that are rich in fibers. But if problem continues consult doctor.

4. Lack of Certain Essential Nutrients

Deficiency of iron, vitamin D or magnesium in your diet can make your immune system weak and you might experiences moderate to severe health related issues. In order to compensate this effect you consume more food or just feel so weak to go out for exercise and thereby gain weight.

How to fix it: You should focus on consuming those foods that give you iron, magnesium and vitamin D. food like red meat, milk are good source. But do go hard on magnesium as it can form stones in kidney have a proper diet plan from your doctor or get your check up every three weeks.

5. You have Planter Fascistic

There are certain diseases than can increase your weight. Like osteoarthritis, planter fascistic. These diseases limit your physical activity and hence you gain weight.

How to fix it: Try to change your exercise from doing hard exercise try swimming or biking.

6. You have Cushing’s syndrome

In this hormonal disorder, people develop high blood pressure along with osteoporosis, skin metabolism changes, protein metabolism deficits, insulin resistant diabetes and a variety of other systemic issues. The primary pathophysiological event is, abnormal secretion of stress hormone due to tumor in adrenal gland. In this disease the mid body is fatty while rest body is thin.

How to fix it: if you experience sudden weight gain and you are not exercising, it is better to run a few test so that your body’s health can be diagnosed.

Besides these listed reasons, there are a number of other conditions that may also present with abnormal weight gain despite normal caloric intake/ expenditure.

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Written by Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is a medical doctor who holds a strong passion for health, nutrition and wellness. She has published research papers in scientific journals and has written for health sections of other publications as well. Ayesha typically covers science and research-related advancements in the field of weight loss and fitness.

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